Here's To New Beginnings January 14, 2015 12:03

Welcome to the all new! A new year seemed like a great opportunity for us to launch this brand new Shopify webstore, with an enhanced focus on supporting our customers' goals of getting fit, staying active, and generally just enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Sure, we are still selling raw whey protein powder products (they're still our best sellers) but over the next few months you'll also see lots of new product categories popping up. To complement our expanded catalog of products, we are going to be delivering lots of helpful, insightful content at absolutely not charge.

Learn from our in-house weight loss expert, Dr. Jeremy Webster, on how make raw whey protein an integral part of your diet. Get recipes for smoothies and protein shakes. Find out how to save big with our subscription and referral programs. Find out why many of those off-the-shelf supplements you buy might actually be harmful to your health. Get exercise and fitness tips.

All this and much more right here at We're proud to be a humble stop on the internet dedicated to the NEW & HEALTHY YOU!