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Complete Whey Protein

Egg whites were long considered the gold standard for protein quality. They seemed to be the protein source that was the most compatible with the protein needs of the human body. Egg white protein was originally assigned a biological value of 100% and every other protein source (beef, fish, milk, etc) was measured as a lesser percent of protein quality. That is until the biological value of whey protein was discovered to be even greater than that of egg whites. Since you can't have a percentage greater than 100%, the percents were changed to whole numbers. Egg whites were assigned a "value" of 100 where whey protein powder measures well above 100, depending on the production methods.  To this day, whey protein remains one of the finest protein sources known. It is nearly the perfect protein to promote the health and function of your body.

All Whey Proteins are NOT the Same?
Just as there are many different types of cheeses, there are also many different methods for extracting whey protein from whole milk and each process has an effect on the quality of the whey produced.  There is micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, cross-filtration, and ionization to name a few. But the most important aspect of whey processing is heat, or more specifically, lack of heat.  

Raw milk has never been through the heating process of pasteurization which can ruin the health-promoting properties found in the raw milk.  Typical high-heat pasteurization denatures the protein which means the beneficial enzymes and other proteins are broken down into smaller pieces.  This destroys the beneficial healing effects of those original proteins.  

How much Heat is too much Heat?
There are two factors of heat that may have an affect on whey protein: 1) the amount of heat (temperature) and 2) the duration of the heat (time).
In order for powdered whey protein to be legally sold in the United States, it must undergo one of the four FDA approved methods below:

  1. 143F for 30 minutes- This is a good method that we have used in the past. It causes little denaturing of the fragile whey proteins but is very expensive.
  2. 161F for 15 seconds- This method results in no detectable damage to the protein. This is the method that we currently use when making Complete Whey Protein.
  3. 190F for 2 seconds (high-heat pasteurization)- This method fries the proteins leaving them very damaged. This is the most common method used for commercial whey proteins.
  4. "Cold pasteurized" or "zero-heat pasteurized"- Although this process involves no heat beyond room temperature, it does require irradiating the product. We do NOT use this method for obvious reasons.

The milk used in
Dr. Webster's Complete Whey Protein is subjected to the minimum amount of heat allowed by law. This low temperature process kills bacteria that might be in the milk but does NOT denature the healthy proteins or enzymes found in the fresh raw milk.

Complete Whey Protein Powder is a unique whey protein supplement that has many distinct advantages over other common whey protein products:
        • gluten free, non-gmo, no high-fructose corn syrup 
        • no harmful, artificial flavors or sweeteners are added
        • our products are never irradiated
        • virtually lactose free- those with lactose intolerance have no problem consuming this product
        • low in allergens compared to whole milk products- many people with dairy sensitivity can still consume Complete Whey Protein without any reaction
        • the healthy proteins from the fresh raw milk are completely intact
        • other whey products have undergone high-heat pasteurization which destroys the healthy proteins found in fresh raw milk
        • derived from grass-fed A2 Guernsey cows
        • great for the immune system and digestive health
        • loaded with cysteine which helps detoxify our bodies
        • rich in a fat-burning nutrient called CLA

Other protein sources such as soy, rice, goats milk and even regular whey protein cannot meet the health promoting standards set by this fantastic non-denatured whey protein.

-Dr. Jeremy Webster-Weight loss and Nutrition Expert


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Complete Whey Protein