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My good friend Dr. Sam Shay once shared with me a 5-step morning routine that has made a big difference in my life as well as the lives of many of my patients so I want to share those steps with you. These 5 simple steps can be used to recharge, restore and rehydrate your body every morning. I suggest you do them immediately upon rising and in this exact order for best results. You will be amazed how easy it is to incorporate these 5 steps into your morning and you will love the extra energy you have all day long.


1. Scrape your tongue.
This might seem like a strange first step if you have never tried it before but tongue scraping is easy and effective.  Our bodies are constantly trying to get rid of waste, even while we sleep. Some of the waste gets deposited on our tongues and this gives us a great opportunity to quickly cleanse our system of toxins that could be slowing us down and even making us fatter. By scraping our tongues first thing in the morning, we are getting rid of the toxins that have accumulated on our tongues during our sleep. When we remove these toxins, we have better dental health, we are able to taste our food better and our breath will smell better.  Always scrape your tongue first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth, eat or drink water otherwise much of the toxicity will be flushed back into your body- NOT GOOD!  A regular metal spoon will work perfectly for this task. Scrape from back to front over the entire tongue a few times and you will soon start to notice some of the positive effects of this easy first step.


2. Drink 1-2 full glasses of water.
While we have slept our bodies have become dehydrated. Drinking at least one if not two full glasses of water shortly after waking will help rehydrate our bodies and rev up our digestive system.  Many people suffer from drinking too little water each day and as a result they have poor energy and a sluggish metabolism. Often dehydration leads to overeating which then causes you to gain unwanted weight. So this is an easy way to get ahead of the curve. By ingesting 16-32oz. of water in the first few minutes of waking you will be well on your way to meeting your water requirements for the day. A glass or two throughout the remainder of the morning, another one or two glasses of water in the afternoon and perhaps one glass after dinner and your water requirements for the day should be met. You might notice how much younger your skin looks once your hydration level improves.  If you find it difficult to drink this much water in the morning, try adding a big squeeze of lemon to your water. It helps the water go down quicker and also aids your digestion.  Make this a regular habit and you will notice that it becomes a welcome task that helps you wake up and feel refreshed.

3. Use the Bathroom (number 2).
It's not something we like to talk about, but we are all human. We need to eliminate waste every morning for good health and this is a great time to do it.  Immediately after drinking 2 big glasses of water with or without lemon you will notice that it is much easier to have a bowel movement. You will feel lighter and your metabolism will work better if you can properly eliminate every morning. 

Tips for easier bowel movements:
Relax- digestion doesn't work properly when you are stressed so when you are in the bathroom, try to find a nice happy place.
Read something- this will help you relax and allow for better bowel function.
Tilt your head and reading material to the right as you read- this is an old neurology trick that really works.
Be sure you take proper doses of magnesium and probiotics for good digestive health. 
Let it happen- if you don't have a bowel movement within 10 minutes, that is ok. Don't try to force the issue, just go on with your day. But if you keep following this routine every morning you will soon be more regular and start feeling better as well.

4. Burst Exercise
Even if you don't have time for a full workout at the gym you can achieve great results with a quick morning exercise routine. You want to do a few quick bursts of exercise before you eat in the morning to get your metabolism going and encourage your body to burn fat the rest of the day. You will love the way you feel if you devote just 5-10 minutes toward a quick few bursts of exercise each morning. The X-iser is a great machine for accomplishing this brief "burst training" session and is one of the few pieces of exercise equipment that I recommend everyone own. 2-4 intense bursts of 20-30 seconds on the Xiser each morning is all you will need to rev up your engines and get your blood pumping. Studies show that this quick session is enough to help you lose body fat and improve your cardiovascular health. And it only takes a few minutes each morning! If you already exercise regularly then 2 bursts each morning is plenty to give you your morning boost. If you do not exercise at all, shoot for 3-4 bursts each morning and that should be enough exercise to give you all of the positive effects of going to the gym regularly. In fact, this is exactly the routine I use with my executives who work long hours and simply do not have time to go to the gym. And it works great!

5. Eat at least 15g of high quality protein.
While you sleep you are not eating (I hope) and this is called "fasting". As soon as possible after waking you want to break the fast (breakfast) with at least 3 bites of high quality protein.  Early morning protein will help control our hormones and blood sugar making it much easier to have sustained energy throughout the day. Studies have shown that eating more of your calories in the morning can dramatically improve your ability to lose weight too. If you wait too long before eating breakfast, or if you don't eat enough protein for breakfast you will likely experience energy swings, fatigue, sluggish metabolism and irritability. The best forms of protein in the morning include eggs, meats and high quality protein powders.

-Dr. Jeremy Webster- Weight loss and nutrition expert

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