Pea Protein: A WIN-WIN for appetite control and weight loss June 29, 2015 16:59 73 Comments

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a magic potion and when you drink it you suddenly eat less food and you eat healthier food at the same time?  Good news! There is such a potion. A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition found that drinking a mixture of pea protein and water 30 minutes before a meal will reduce your appetite and decrease the calories consumed at that meal. Read the study here:

And the good news isn't over yet. The calorie reduction from the meal was actually greater than the calories consumed in the pea protein drink itself! So by adding this pea protein drink 30 minutes before each meal, you consume less calories throughout the day. And equally as important, the calories reduced from the meal include fat and carbohydrates. This is important because of the negative effect fat and especially carbs have on the metabolism as compared to the positive effects of protein.

So if you tend to overeat and it has led to unwanted weight gain, it seems like consuming 20 grams of pea protein 30 minutes prior to each meal can help you reduce your total calories, increase your protein intake and decrease your fat and carb intake. 

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