Whey protein and healthy blood pressure October 5, 2015 17:06

High blood pressure, aka hypertension, is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease. In fact, a mere 5 point increase in systolic blood pressure has been associated with a 16% increased risk of heart attack and stroke for at-risk individuals. So it makes sense that anything we do to maintain healthy blood pressure will be very much worth our effort, especially if that effort involves natural strategies that are inherently healthy.

The Journal of Nutrition has published a review of some studies that may point to a great natural product that can help encourage healthy blood pressure in hypertensive individuals.  That product is whey protein.

The journal article can be read here:

The studies found that the proteins found in whey protein have blood pressure reducing benefits in both human and animal studies. Interestingly, only the individuals with elevated blood pressure showed a reduction in blood pressure whereas those individuals with normal blood pressure showed no drop in blood pressure while taking whey protein. This is an important distinction between whey protein and blood pressure medications.  Blood pressure meds tend to drive down blood pressure in all individuals who take the drugs, often times leading to dangerously low blood pressure in certain individuals. This can lead to fainting and dizziness which can results in serious falls and accidents.  Whey protein only helps normalize blood pressure but, unlike medications, will not push it too low.

When choosing a whey protein product there are a few things to look for. It should be non-denatured, non-gmo, grass-fed whey protein from A2 cows (not A1). It should be free of high-fructose sweeteners, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, soy, gluten and artificial flavors. It should be a whey protein concentrate as opposed to an isolate. And it should be low-heat pasteurized as opposed to "cold processed." Cold processed means that the product has been irradiated which some (myself included) find undesirable. 

I have searched the globe to find a whey protein product that meets all of these standards so you don't have to!  I call it Complete Whey Protein

-Dr. Jeremy Webster
Weight Loss and Nutrition Expert

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