Healthy Holiday Tips November 24, 2015 16:55

Tips for a Healthy Holiday:

1. Don't skip breakfast! Eat within 30 minutes of waking up. When you skip breakfast, you tend to be too hungry and are most likely to over eat. Have a piece of high protein quiche or have 2 eggs with a half of an avocado and green tea or have a raw whey protein shake on the holiday morning.

2. If you tend to overeat and it has led to unwanted weight gain, consuming 20 grams of pea protein 30 minutes prior to each meal can help you reduce your total calories, increase your protein intake and decrease your fat and carb intake. A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition found that drinking a mixture of pea protein and water 30 minutes before a meal will reduce your appetite and decrease the calories consumed at that meal. Read the study here:

3. One simple trick to help you over the holidays: Use a smaller plate for your meals. Your brain will be tricked into thinking you are eating more food.

4. During the holidays, load your first plate up with leafy greens, cooked veggies, and lean protein and eat in that order. If you are still hungry, then feel free to eat carbs and sweets, but you most likely won't be be hungry!

5. Substitute almond meal for white bread crumbs and low glycemic sweeteners like xylitol and stevia for sugar in your recipes. We used almond meal in our stuffing and cakes and xylitol in our orange cranberry walnut relish and pumpkin pie.

6. Consume alcoholic beverages responsibly. If you are drinking alcohol this holiday, have a glass of water in between each beverage to help stay hydrated and to reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink.

7. Eat slowly and savor your meal. Enjoy your loved one's company and the delicious flavors from this Thanksgiving holiday meal. When we eat our meals slowly, we are giving our brains the chance to catch up with the amount of food in our stomachs and this will lead to less chance of over eating.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with your families this holiday season!

Happiness & Health to you and your families!

-Dr. Webster and the staff