Vegan Cookie Dough Bites February 8, 2016 12:31

Vegan Cookie Dough Bites

Who says you have to shake it up every snack time? Not us!

We are enjoying a mid day snack of these delicious completely vegan protein squares.

They taste just like cookie dough! Yum!

Cookie dough is one of those decadent treats we remember from childhood. It's too bad that cookie dough is so high in sugar and fat, otherwise we would eat it all of the time!  If you too are a big fan of cookie dough but you aren't a fan of packing on extra pounds then you will love this recipe. We have created a recipe that tastes just like those comforting homemade treats with very low sugar and no baking involved. Plus they are totally gluten free. You also get the added bonus of a high quality completely vegan Complete Pea Protein in this recipe which helps reduce your appetite during the day. Studies show that by consuming Complete Pea Protein you may reduce your overall calorie intake helping you reach your fat loss goals! This recipe is a WIN - WIN!

So easy to prepare! This is a no bake recipe! Just blend together:

1 cup of almond meal

1 cup of cashew butter

2 scoops of Complete Pea Protein Creamy Vanilla Flavor (about 1/4 cup)

We added 1 Tablespoon of pure maple syrup for extra sweetness and

finished with a sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt.

Spread into a glass dish and chill for 30 minutes.