ABCC Nice Cream January 29, 2021 16:29

How are you doing on your New Year's Resolutions? A Protein shake a day can help you reach your goals!

How many of us had New Year's Resolutions this year? Of course, losing weight and getting fit were probably the most repeated resolutions this January. We are almost at the end of the first month of 2021 and this is about the time where good habits are being stuck to or abandoned. Experts say that it takes around 21 days for a habit to form in the brain, specifically the basal ganglia. 

Neuroscientists have traced our habit-making behaviors to a part of the brain called the basal ganglia, which also plays a key role in the development of emotions, memories and pattern recognition. 

Dr. Webster, our resident weight loss expert, decided that we were going to form good habits this winter. During the winter months, we created a home gym for daily exercise. We alternate with leg exercises and arm exercises each day with core work everyday and vestibular balance exercises daily. We have a pre and post workout mix of Complete Paleo Protein and L-Glutamine powder to cut down on muscle soreness.

Another good habit we are trying to make is to cut down on sugary snack foods. One big vice many of you might have is ice cream. We strive to find healthier, nutrient-dense alternatives for comfort foods on a daily basis. We made a delicious alternative last night and it tasted just like we were eating a decadent, rich chocolate fudge ice cream. Our alternative to this cold treat is called Nice Cream! 

There are tons of Nice Cream recipes out there on the internet! Ours has only 4 ingredients!

ABCC Nice Cream made with Chocolate Complete Paleo Protein Powder!

ABCC Nice Cream ingredients:

1 cup of creamy Almond Butter (we used the Trader Joe's brand)

5 frozen ripe Bananas

2 scoops (about a half cup) of Delicious Chocolate Complete Paleo Protein Powder

a teaspoon of Ceylon Cinnamon


Just blend the 4 ingredients together until smooth and pour into a glass dish,

freeze overnight or eat right away!

Top with a sprinkle of the Ceylon Cinnamon and your favorite raw nuts. We used walnuts. Pecans or almonds go great with it too!

Almond Butter Banana Chocolate Paleo Protein Nice Cream!

Rich and Creamy Chocolate Paleo Protein Nice Cream!

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