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Coconut Snowballs

This NO BAKE recipe is a delicious treat for the whole family!
If you love coconut candy bars, here's a tasty & healthier version to enjoy:

Blend all Ingredients, form into balls with hands, refrigerate overnight:
1 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
2 scoops (1/4 cup) of Complete Whey Protein Creamy Vanilla Flavor
2 Tbsp. of melted coconut oil
2 Tbsp. xylitol ground into powder with mortar & pestle
2 tsp. pure maple syrup
1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
1/4 cup of water
dash of Himalayan sea salt

If you like, melt dark chocolate with a little bit of coconut oil and water and cover these delicious treats in melted chocolate. Place in the fridge for about 30 minutes to set. They taste even better than candy bars you get in the store!

Chocolate covered Coconut Balls!

We focus on using healthy ingredients in our recipes!

Some health benefits of the ingredients are:

Coconuts are a SUPERFOOD! They help keep your immune system healthy, aid in weight loss, help to control blood sugar and pressure and taste delicious!

Shredded coconut is a source of unrefined coconut oil, which offers such health benefits as increasing your metabolism rate and keeping your hormones balanced.

Raw whey protein is an excellent source of Cysteine, the precursor of Glutathione which is the most abundant anti-oxidant in the body that protects us from damage due to toxins and free radicals.  

Raw Whey Protein contains Cysteine which in turn contains sulphur which means that cysteine can bind to toxins and ship them to the liver where the liver can further detoxify and eliminate those toxins.

Raw Whey Protein can help replace fat with lean muscle which leads to a higher metabolism and increased energy.

Xylitol Aids Weight Loss!
There are many different strategies for weight control. Xylitol fits neatly into most of them. Xylitol slows stomach-emptying and its low glycemic index and mostly insulin-independent metabolism makes it ideal for maintaining steady levels of insulin and blood sugar. This increases satiety and reduces bingeing.

Xylitol is incompletely absorbed, and only a portion of what is absorbed slowly converts to glucose. An important added bonus of xylitol metabolism is the activation of the glutathione antioxidant system which helps to squelch free radicals generated by heavy exercise, thereby reducing oxidative damage to muscle and blood cells. Because xylitol is efficiently and steadily converted to glucose (energy) and glycogen (storage) it may be particularly useful when coupled with other carbohydrates for recovery after heavy exercise. Likewise, it may be valuable for carbohydrate loading (super-compensating) by packing glycogen after a depletion phase.

Pure Maple Syrup is a natural heart healthy sweetener containing zinc and manganese which also help keep your immune system healthy.

Himalayan sea salt
Commercial refined salt is not only stripped of all its minerals, besides sodium and chloride, but is also chemically cleaned, bleached and heated at unnecessary high temperatures.
Because of these minerals Himalayan pink salt can:
    •    Create an electrolyte balance
    •    Increases hydration
    •    Regulate water content both inside and outside of cells
    •    Balance pH (alkaline/acidity) and help to reduce acid reflux
    •    Prevent muscle cramping
    •    Aid in proper metabolism functioning
    •    Strengthen bones
    •    Lower blood pressure
    •    Help the intestines absorb nutrients
    •    Prevent goiters
    •    Improve circulation
    •    Dissolve and eliminate sediment to remove toxins

It is even said to support libido, reduce the signs of aging, and detoxify the body from heavy metals.

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We hope you and your families have Happy & Healthy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!