Fuel your workouts with Beef-Based Protein! September 6, 2018 16:36

Harness the power of beef protein with our richest, creamiest shake ever!

Complete Paleo Protein is the premium product for those who want a true
paleo protein source.

This beef-based protein powder can help power your workouts so you can build strong muscle tissue. The unique and delicious blend allows for easier protein absorption and digestion compared to other sources. This makes it the perfect pre-workout and post-workout protein powder to accelerate recovery and increase muscle healing.

This is the best protein available for those who engage in intense exercise, heavy weight-lifting or cross-fit. It is a must for the competitive athlete or the weekend warrior who wants to improve performance and cut down on soreness and recovery time. 

Save big by stocking up! A 3-month supply comes with a 10% discount and the 6-month supply saves you 20% off. Not to mention major savings on shipping, too!