Recommendation: Complete Paleo Protein



Complete Paleo Protein

Based on your answers, we can recommend our beef-based Complete Paleo Protein that comes in a decadent chocolate flavor as well as a rich vanilla flavor. You eat meat but avoid dairy and you want the best possible protein for your active life. Complete Paleo Protein would be it. It is derived from beef bone broth making it easy to digest and great for joints and the skin. It's the perfect product for an active individual looking to shed a few extra pounds while adding muscle. We've also found that the Complete Paleo Protein will give you an extra boost of energy to help get you through your busy days.

Stock up and save big. The 3-Month supply saves you 10% and a 6-Month supply saves you 20%. Enjoy this amazing new protein supplement and be sure to share your favorite protein shake recipes with us!

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