Recommendation: Complete Pea Protein

Complete Pea Protein

Based on your answers, we can recommend our VEGAN-FRIENDLY Complete Pea Protein. You don't eat meat, fish or dairy so it can be hard for you to get enough high-quality protein in your diet without consuming an excessive amount of carbs from beans and grains. And that can lead to unwanted weight gain! 

Our Complete Pea Protein is made from North American yellow peas and is a tremendous, 100% vegan alternative to soy protein which has a number of drawbacks and side effects. Complete Pea Protein has a similar amino acid profile to whey protein so it's a great choice if you are wanting high-quality protein while avoiding all animal products.

Complete Pea Protein is available in both natural vanilla and chocolate flavors that work well in pretty much any type of smoothie. Got a favorite recipe? Send it to us so we may share it online! In the mean time, stock up on our Complete Pea Protein with a 3-Month supply to save 10% or a 6-Month supply to save 20%.

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