Recommendation: Complete Whey Protein & Complete Paleo Protein

Complete Whey ProteinComplete Paleo Protein

You, my friend, are in luck! You eat meat and dairy products so you are not limited when it comes to consuming the highest quality protein products. We recommend either our best-selling Complete Whey Protein or our beef-based Complete Paleo Protein. They are both excellent choices for individuals looking to lose a few pounds, build muscle, and get through each day with an abundance of energy.

Which to choose? The Complete Whey Protein has an unflavored and unsweetened version along with mild chocolate or vanilla flavors, so you can use it thousands of different ways. It's our most versatile product and mixes easily with a hand shaker. The Complete Paleo Protein comes in more decadent chocolate and vanilla flavors and makes a thick, delicious smoothie. We recommend using a blender for the Complete Paleo Protein.

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