Complete Pea Protein (450 grams, 15 servings)

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Complete Pea Protein is a 100% VEGAN protein source made from North American grown yellow peas. Complete Pea Protein is a natural, non-GMO, pea protein which offers a high quality vegetable based protein with excellent digestibility.

This protein is ideal for those who are looking for a high quality vegetarian/vegan protein powder or for those interested in a dairy-free alternative to whey protein.
Complete Pea Protein has an amino acid profile that is similar to that of whey protein. Its well-balanced profile fulfills the essential amino acid requirements often missing in the lower protein, vegetarian diet.

Complete Pea Protein is easy to digest, a distinct advantage over other vegetable protein isolates, as it does not contain the commonly occurring "anti-nutrients" of soy or other legumes. The presence of high levels of these anti-nutrients found in other plant based proteins can cause substantial reductions in nutrient absorption and protein digestion.

Soy proteins contain high levels of estrogen-like substances which can promote a lot of potential health issues such as increased body fat and hormone imbalances. But unlike soy protein, Complete Pea Protein is soy free and has very low levels of estrogen-like substances. This means Complete Pea Protein can be used safely as a vegetarian protein source by both men and women as well as children without worrying about the possible side effects of excess estrogen.  This is important for anyone wanting to add/maintain lean muscle and for those at risk for estrogen sensitive tumors.

Further Benefits of Peas:
Pea protein may have a positive effect on the maintenance of normal blood pressure levels and has also been shown, in animal studies, to have a positive impact on total cholesterol levels.

Complete Pea Protein is a great plant-based vegetarian protein source for athletes and anyone who is physically active.

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Whey protein

Whey protein that I get from dr. Jeremy Webster is one of the best proteins I've ever had doesn't have all of the fillers like other proteins and they also have a Paleo protein in different flavors I get the large 2 lb of whey protein and the Paleo protein is 1.8 lb Boston very good I tried both of them before plus they have different recipes are there proteins very delicious my favorite is vanilla give it a try you like it